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Who's This Guy?

Hello, I'm an international mural painter, sculptor, designer, musician and teacher, creating a colorful life on Kauai. Born in North Carolina, I did my "growing up" in Florida, Costa Rica, California, Australia, and Thailand before landing in Hawaii.


Beginning to travel the world as a teenager, I used art work as barter for room and board.  My parents would also tell you that a love for art began when I was a toddler, using lipstick on a white wall in the family home, which would become the "first mural".  Costa Rica, Australia and Thailand have all played a significant role in developing as an artist and waterman. The oceans are my most constant source of inspiration and unify my travels and life experiences.

There are a few things that set my style of creativity apart from others -creative problem solving, the ability to make hard corners visually disappear and using available resources and recycled materials as often as possible.  I have adopted an “anything but canvas” ideology, which makes my art truly unique and often unprintable. 


As a person and artist, I grow while my travels continue, however, finding roots on Kauai has reaffirmed a passion to work on more collaborative and community-based public projects.  Over the last few years I have become very active in the Kauai community, teaching art and music as well as working on a few good mural projects.

The relationships I form with people and places, as well as overcoming challenges along the way, mean the most to me.  The combination of these elements, make for a good story.  My goal is challenging people to get involved in helping to create large scale murals and public art projects that will tell these stories, each being a unique visual representation for communities to be proud of.


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